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Dominating the Hillsdale Michigan Track

Last night, the Tater Built Turbochargers team made an impressive showing at the Hillsdale, Michigan event, solidifying our reputation for excellence in the turbocharging world. Our own Hartman led the charge, showcasing the power and reliability of a well-tuned 2.550 workstock truck.

Hartman’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. Competing in a diverse 2.550 turbo class, he demonstrated the superior capabilities of a stock appearing truck, clinching a remarkable 9-foot victory. The winning hook of 298ft on a notably short track underscored the prowess of our meticulously engineered turbochargers.

Our customer, Kevin Daley, also made a significant impact. Embarking on a 4+ hour journey to join the event, Kevin’s dedication paid off with a commendable 3rd place finish. This achievement not only highlights his skill but also the reliability and performance of our turbochargers under competitive stress.

We’re especially proud of our in-house mechanic, John Trow. After dedicating the last couple of days to setting up his truck for the 2.550 workstock class, John encountered a setback with fuel pressure issues, likely stemming from a last-minute dual pump kit installation. Despite not having the opportunity to dyno test the truck, John’s resolve and technical expertise shone through. This incident serves as a testament to the continuous journey of innovation and improvement in turbocharging technology.

John’s experience is a valuable reminder of the complexities involved in turbocharger tuning and the importance of thorough testing. We’re confident that with some fine-tuning, his truck will be a formidable competitor in future workstock events.

The success of our team and customers in Hillsdale is a continuation of our winning streak in 2023. These victories are not just a result of superior technology but also of the hard work, dedication, and expertise of everyone involved with Tater Built Turbochargers. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, performance-driven turbochargers is what keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

As we celebrate these achievements, we remain focused on pushing the boundaries of turbocharging technology and delivering unmatched performance to our customers. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey of endless victories and innovation in the world of turbocharging.