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Warranty Form Request

Warranty Form Request

The Warranty Request Process

At Tater Built Turbochargers, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that issues can arise, and we’re here to ensure a seamless resolution process. By filling out our warranty form, you’re not only taking the first step towards fixing your turbocharger but also helping us uphold the excellence we strive for with every product.

Quick Guide to Warranty Request Process

  1. Fill Out Form: Provide your details and describe the issue with your turbocharger.
  2. Submit & Download: After submission, download the provided PDF with shipping instructions.
  3. Ship Turbocharger: Print the PDF, package your turbocharger, and send it to us for repair.
  4. Repair Service: We’ll work diligently to repair your turbocharger, typically within a week.
  5. Expedited Option: For urgent repairs, contact us by phone after shipping for expedited service.