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About Tater Built TurbOcharger

Tater Built Turbochargers specializes in upgraded direct replacement turbochargers for various pickup trucks, including Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstroke models. We also offer rebuilds and upgrades for S300 and S400 turbochargers. Our expertise lies in engineering and manufacturing turbochargers specifically designed for the diesel and high-performance industry, ensuring a perfect fit for the high-performance market.

At Tater Built Turbochargers, we value respect and professionalism in all our interactions. We reserve the right to void warranties in cases of libel, slander, or infringement on social media networks or other platforms. We are committed to keeping our customers satisfied and their vehicles performing at their best.

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Dominating the Diesel Scene at Beans Diesel’s Blackout Event

A Remarkable Victory Amidst Adverse Conditions In the world of diesel performance, Tater Built Turbo…

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Unleashing Power: Tater Built Turbochargers and Bean Machine’s Diesel Sled Pull Event

Revving Up for an Action-Packed Saturday This coming Saturday, October 14th, promises to be an exhil…

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Dominating the Hillsdale Michigan Track

Last night, the Tater Built Turbochargers team made an impressive showing at the Hillsdale, Michigan…

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