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Celebrating Excellence in Diesel Performance: Tater Built Turbochargers’ Winning Streak

In the world of competitive diesel truck pulling, the accolade of a championship title is a testament to the intricate blend of precision engineering, unwavering dedication, and sheer performance. Tater Built Turbochargers proudly celebrates the triumph of Daniel Hartman, crowned as the 2023 Workstock Diesel Points Champion in the Central Ohio Truck Pull Circuit (COTPC).

The journey to the championship is a narrative of consistent excellence, with our truck securing victory at every event hosted this year. Such a winning streak is not just a display of power; it’s a showcase of the synergy between man and machine, where every component plays a critical role, and every turbocharger is a piece of art engineered for peak performance.

Our heartfelt appreciation extends to the sponsors who fuel the passion of this sport: Anderson Equipment, Oglesbee Truck Parts, Top End Diesel, and BS Diesel Supply, along with Jason Gentry of Beck’s Hybrids for the championship jackets. Their support is pivotal in driving the competitive spirit and technological advancement that is central to Tater Built’s ethos.

We also extend our thanks to the promoters who included the Workstock Diesel class in their events, bringing the exhilarating spectacle of diesel truck pulling to fans across various counties. The COTPC events at venues like Dragway 42 and county fairs across Franklin, Fayette, Clark, Greene, Delaware, and Medina have been the battlegrounds where skill, strategy, and Tater Built’s turbocharging technology have been put to the test.

Congratulations to Daniel Hartman for an exceptional season. His commitment and skill, matched with our high-performance turbochargers, have proven to be an unbeatable combination. We celebrate his victory as a reflection of our commitment to excellence in the diesel performance arena.

As we look forward to future events and competitions, Tater Built Turbochargers remains dedicated to pushing the envelope in turbocharger technology, ensuring our customers always have the winning edge. Join us as we continue to support and celebrate the spirit of competition and innovation in the exciting world of truck pulls.