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Unleashing Power: Tater Built Turbochargers and Bean Machine’s Diesel Sled Pull Event

Revving Up for an Action-Packed Saturday

This coming Saturday, October 14th, promises to be an exhilarating day for diesel performance enthusiasts. Tater Built Turbochargers is teaming up with Bean Machine to sponsor a new Workstock diesel sled pull class at their dynamic event. The sled pull, set for Saturday evening, is just one highlight of a day brimming with automotive excitement.

A Day Full of Diesel Delights

The event, starting from 8 am and stretching till around midnight, is a gearhead’s paradise. Attendees can expect the thrill of koi dirt drags, a dyno competition to measure raw power, and a ‘Show and Shine’ contest showcasing immaculate vehicles. Vendor alley offers a glimpse into the latest industry offerings, and if last year is anything to go by, spontaneous burnouts could be part of the day’s entertainment. It’s an all-encompassing experience for anyone passionate about diesel performance.

The Main Attraction: Workstock Diesel Sled Pull

Tater Built Turbochargers is not just sponsoring the event; we’re also contributing $750 to kickstart the prize pot. With an entry fee of $100 per truck, the prize pool is set to grow rapidly, aiming for a substantial payout for the top 5 trucks. With 100% payout, we anticipate a first-place prize of $800-1000, assuming 10-15 competing trucks.

The Rulebook: Ensuring Fair and Fierce Competition

The rules are designed to promote a level playing field, emphasizing skill and strategy over mere power:

  • Engine: We’re looking for stock appearing, no plug size turbochargers with a T3 exhaust housing or an open no plug size S300 turbocharger with T3 exhaust housing only. T4 exhaust housings are off the table, although T4 to T3 manifold adaptations are acceptable. No S400 parts, no nitrous or water/meth/propane injections, and single or dual CP3 pumps are allowed (excluding AG governor pumps). The integrity of intake systems and exhaust paths is also regulated.
  • Chassis: The weight limit is set at 8200lbs, with specific guidelines for hanging weights and hitch types. Suspension modifications are allowed, provided they are bolt-on. We also have strict rules on tire sizes and maintain full street trim requirements for both single and dual-wheel trucks.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount. Requirements include lower U-joint shields for front and rear drive shafts, a kill switch, and a transmission blanket.

Join the Thrill

The competition is expected to be fierce, and the payouts generous. This event isn’t just about winning; it’s a celebration of diesel power and community. Parking is limited, so early arrival is advised. We encourage anyone with a high-performing workstock truck that meets these criteria to join us for what promises to be a spectacular show.

Beyond Workstock: A Diverse Lineup

In addition to the Workstock class, various other classes will be competing, adding to the diversity and excitement of the event.


This event is a testament to the vibrant diesel community and the spirit of competition. Tater Built Turbochargers is proud to be at the forefront, fostering a space where enthusiasts can showcase their passion and prowess. We can’t wait to see you there this Saturday for a day of high-octane fun and fierce competition.