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Dominating the Diesel Scene at Beans Diesel’s Blackout Event

A Remarkable Victory Amidst Adverse Conditions

In the world of diesel performance, Tater Built Turbochargers recently showcased their prowess at the prestigious Beans Diesel’s Blackout in the Country event. Not only did Tater Built sponsor and play a crucial role in organizing and technically overseeing one of the event’s classes, but they also achieved a significant victory in the workstock class.

Impressive Turnout and Tater Built’s Winning Streak

Despite being a last-minute arrangement, the workstock class saw an impressive turnout of 15 trucks, with 6 to 7 of those proudly representing Tater Built’s customer base. In a remarkable display of performance, Tater Built vehicles secured 3 of the top 5 positions, including a win by the Tater Built/Hartman diesel truck. Michael Brown and Daniel Hargrove also performed exceptionally, landing in 4th and 3rd places, respectively.

Challenging Track Conditions

The event was held on a hard-packed red dirt track, which, coupled with sporadic rain, created slick conditions. Typically, such conditions would see mud grapplers throwing up dirt as they leave the line. However, in this case, they smoked impressively, as captured in the accompanying video.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Tater Built extends its gratitude to Beans Diesel and everyone who contributed to the event, including those who participated in the class. It was a solid hook, demonstrating the community’s passion and skill in diesel performance.

A Season of Success with a Hint of Surprise

Reflecting on the season, Tater Built experienced their first official loss after a strong run, where they initially led by 15 feet, only to be surpassed by 50 feet in a surprising turn of events. Despite this, having only one loss in a season is an admirable achievement, showcasing Tater Built’s consistent performance and reliability.

Looking Forward

As the season nears its end, all eyes are on the Tater Built/Hartman diesel truck, which will compete in Kentucky with its 2.550 63 73 he351cw stock appearing charger. The aim is to clinch a win against the big dually trucks, ending the season on a high note.


Tater Built Turbochargers’ success at the Beans Diesel’s Blackout event is a testament to their commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. Their expertise in turbocharging and dedication to excellence shines through in every event and challenge they undertake. The diesel community eagerly anticipates what Tater Built will bring to the track next.