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-12AN s300 s400 Drain Line Kit 2G Manifold


Discover the ultimate solution for your turbocharger’s drainage needs with our -12AN Drain Line Kit.
Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with any T3 or T4 turbocharger mounted on a second-generation
manifold, this kit ensures optimal performance whether your setup is flipped up or down.

The total length of the drain tube is 25 inches, perfectly suited for configurations with the manifold flipped
up and a 1/2 inch turbo spacer on an s400. For manifolds flipped down without a spacer, the AN hose can be easily
shortened to approximately 23 inches, maintaining the kit’s efficiency and functionality.

Our kit addresses common issues of leaky turbo seals and oil seepage by facilitating superior drainage flow. Unlike
many -10AN kits that feature inadequate hole sizes, our -12AN kit boasts no less than 5/8 inch holes at each end of
the billet fittings, providing unmatched flow and eliminating drainage problems.

Additionally, we offer custom length lines to match your specific setup requirements. Simply inform us of the needed
length from the turbo’s bottom hole to the edge of the block, and we’ll tailor the drain line to your exact

Upgrade to our -12AN Drain Line Kit and experience a leak-free, high-flow drainage solution that stands out for its
quality and adaptability. Contact us for custom lengths at no additional cost.

-12AN s300 s400 Drain Line Kit 2G Manifold


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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